On the e-shop rental, you pay for your hosting account that includes the e-shop you have chosen, both in one service. You have the right to use the e-shop to display your work or your company, by uploading your products or services and having them available to a wide range of potential customers.

Essentially... it works like a physical store. You rent the space, loading it with your products and start selling.

Let's make it clear before we go on, that the online stores available from WEB-SOLUTIONS LTD for rental, ARE NOT standardized templates, in which we simply change the colors or some photos and offer them to our clients as unique.

These are all integrated e-sales applications, that are structurally different from one another and are available for rental only to one customer for as long as the rental is active. Let us point out here, that each customer has the right to buy the online store he is already renting, if he decides that this tool is good for him.

How to Rent an Online Store...

  • Choose from the available for rent online stores, that are displayed on the web-solutions.gr section for rentals (each online store has a preview where you can see the store in full operation).
  • When you find what you are looking for, you can rent your store through the payment and activation procedure that you will find on web-solutions website. Once the payment process is complete, a cPanel account is automatically created for you. Through this cPanel account, your online store will be available to visitors to your store.

That was what had to be done by you!

From our own side...

It will take up to 24 hours to create your online store which will be delievered to you exactly as you saw it on the online demo.

Then we (you and us in cooperation) need to make all the necessary changes to the content, photos and the information provided from the e-shop to the clients, to adapt all the info to your own products, services, prices, payment methods, delivery methods, etc. All this has to be done be done in cooperation with you.

TIP: It is important to have your logo, photos and texts for your products, etc ready to send them to us, so that you do not lose valuable time from the operation of your e-shop, because all this will be done during the first month that you have already paid for.

What is the cost of renting an e-shop...

30 €/month (First day of the month is concidered to be the date that your cPanel account has been activated).

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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