"GoOnline" full services pack

GoOnline gives you the ability to get a fully functional and with unique design web presentation, without having to spend a fortune on a tool that you do not know if it will pay off.


Instead of telling you... "pay for the creation of your site one-off (significant expense) PLUS the annual cost for hosting PLUS the annual cost for domain name registration, which with normal market prices Approximately 1000 €...

we propose:

1st year with your website (no e-shop) made according to your demands, with a domain name that we will register for you and the hosting services... 300 €
2nd year... 250 € if you want to continue on GoOnline pack.
3rd year... 250 € if you want to continue on GoOnline pack.

After the 3rd year, you can (if you want to) transfer your website everywhere you want or... ask us to create a new presentation for you, renewing the GoOnline Service Pack.

IMPORTANT! The website that will be created for you will be created in synergy with you. All the content of the presentation (texts, photos, products, etc.) will be provided by you in digital format.

So in conclusion... Go Online pack includes:

GoOnline full services package is available for ".gr" / ".eu" / ".com" domain names at the moment
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